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Who We Are, Our Wood, Our Heritage & Our Values

Firemasters specialises in the import and distribution of premium Namibian Braaiwood for outdoor cooking.  Our authentic products are ethically sourced and support African businesses and communities.  Firemasters is a subsidiary of Africa Dawn LTD.


Firemasters Team - Braai Time

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Our Wood

Firemasters offers you premium firewood naturally dried under the hot African sun. Our high-density hardwood has less than 2% moisture content which generates extreme heat and long-lasting coals. Our firewood is ideal for braais (BBQs), fire pits, pizza ovens, wood burners and closed combustion stoves.  

Whether socializing around a summer braai with your family and friends or spending a cozy winter's night in by the fireplace, we are here to ensure you never run out of Africa's favourite firewood.

Our Heritage

For centuries people have been on a journey of mastering fire, and we as South Africans were the very first humans to do so nearly a million years ago.

The mastery of fire is considered to be one of the most pivotal moments in the history of humankind, providing safety, warmth and a communal place for social interactions within the tribe.

Wherever humans have gone in the world they have carried with them the two most significant achievements of humanity, language, and fire!

From “Braaivleis” to “Shisa Nyama,” as South Africans, making fire is in our blood and we are proud to be supporting this age-old tradition with you here in the UK.

Firemasters is a subsidiary of Africa Dawn LTD based in South East England.

Our Values

  • Win-Win relationships
  • Integrity
  • Committed and resilient
  • Passionate about our products, our customers and South Africa

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