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Kameeldoring Braai Wood (14kg)

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FREE Delivery on orders over £25

FREE DELIVERY on orders over £25

Key features of KAMEELDORING:

  • long-burning coal - burns twice as long as kiln-dried wood
  • the highest quality braai wood on the planet - bar none
  • great for grilling on the BBQ (braai)
  • very high temperatures
  • great aroma and flavour enhancing qualities
  • get your pizza oven piping hot
  • less than 2% moisture content (significantly less than Kiln Dried which is 20%)
  • 50% denser than Oak
  • Kameeldoring is the Afrikaans word for Camel Thorn
  • Weight: Each bag is 14kg
  • each bag has enough for four family braais

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