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Firemasters is registered with the UK Forestry Commission and has Ready to Burn Certification (certificate number: WS977/00001).  All our imported products have been inspected by the regulated authorities.

Our hardwood is ethically sourced through FSC registered suppliers and in line with the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry in Namibia.

The Vision of the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry is where the nation's Agricultural, Water and Forest resources are sustainably and equitably used for improved livelihood, wellbeing and wealth for all.

Sekelbos (Dichrostachys cinerea) or “Sickle Bush” is an alien invasive species and is therefore removed from Namibia as part of their bush encroachment control scheme (or de-bushing).

Kameeldoring (Vachellia erioloba) or “Camel Thorn” is a protected species in Namibia, and therefore strict regulations are in place that prevent the wood from being harvested unless the tree is already dead or the branches fallen to the ground.

The Namibian authorities regularly visit the farms to carry out inspections and record the number of dead and living trees.

The alien invasive wood that is exported from Namibia creates thousands of jobs for local farmers, most of which live in poverty and are sole bread winners for their families.

Firemasters respects the farmers and their land in Africa and complies with all regulations in accordance with the government’s guidelines.