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Hex Briquettes

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Firemasters Culinary Grade Hex Briquettes

Experience culinary excellence with our premium-grade charcoal briquettes! Specially crafted for discerning chefs, caterers, and BBQ enthusiasts, our charcoal offers a clean and consistent burn for over 4 hours, ensuring your grilling sessions are flawless every time. Elevate your outdoor cooking experience with our high-quality briquettes, designed to enhance flavors and provide long-lasting heat. Say goodbye to inconsistent burns and hello to culinary perfection with our top-tier charcoal briquettes. Order now for an unmatched grilling experience

  • Hexagonal pini kay briquettes
  • 8cm to 40cm long
  • 4 hours+ burn time
  • Consistent, even heat distribution
  • Clean burn with minimal smoke
  • Calorific output of 7300 kcal (i.e. very efficient)
  • Sustainably sourced
  • Incredibly EASY to cook with
  • Used by professional chefs in Michelin-star restaurants
  • 10kg box