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Smoking with Whisky Chips (for BBQ)

Posted by Mike Laing on

If you've not yet cooked with our new Whisky Chips then you are missing out. Take a look at our latest cooking session with Guy Truelock from The Savanna Kitchen, where we BBQ smoke a premium cut of venison using Sekelbos Braai Wood and Whisky Chips.

The Whisky Chips can be used with any type of food (meat or vegetables) to help enhance the flavour of your cook. All you need is a BBQ (preferably one with a lid for best results) plus some of our Braai Wood and Whisky Chips - its so easy! 

Make sure you watch until the end to see the delicious result...


If you would like to try our authentic Scotch whisky barrel woodchips then click here to purchase a bag. Don't have any Braai Wood? Why not take our Combo Box instead which includes a bag of Kameeldoring, Sekelbos as well as the Whisky Chips (and you'll also save £5).