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Whisky Smoking Woodchips (400g)

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Authentic Scotch Whisky Woodchips

  • Retired barrels from Scotch whisky distilleries
  • The barrels are broken down into small wood chips; each chip is about half the size of a matchbox
  • Originally, the barrels had been filled with Bourban from the USA, prior to being exported to the Scotch whisky distilleries in the UK
  • The barrels are made from American oak, before being charred on the inside and filled with premium whisky for storage over several years
  • Adds an amazing smokey flavour to your meat, poultry and vegetables
  • Open the bag of chips and you will smell the fantastic whisky aroma.
  • Weight: 400g
  • Packaged in a zip-locked bag
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Tip: Soak four or five wood chips in water for 15 minutes and then place them into your Braai/BBQ when there are about 10 minutes remaining of your cook.  Place the chips directly onto the coals beneath your food and close the lid of your BBQ (creating a smoke box effect).  The heat from the coals will cause the wet whisky chips to generate smoke, adding a subtle whisky smokey flavour to your food. It's amazing!